Pear is an iOS and Android app where users matchmake their friends. This reduces sign-up friction for users as they only require a friend to sign them up and write a description on their behalf.

It was released as a Progressive Web App (PWA), as well as to iOS App Store and Google Play Store and hit 300 users within 24 hours.

Pear won 2nd prize for CS3216 Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets in NUS School of Computing Term Project Showcase (11th STePS).

I led the front-end development, using Vue.js and Cordova.



vue-swing is a Vue.js component for swiping cards left and right, as seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder.


Pixelect Pixelect is an image sharing platform for friends to share group photos without having to use group chat applications like WhatsApp or Telegram. It helps friends gather their precious photographic memories and vote on the best ones to upload to Facebook.

I worked on the frontend, using Vue.js.


collaborate! For NUS’s Orbital 2017, my partner and I developed collaborate!, an online collaborative web application that simulates a table top discussion for projects/teaching/learning while leveraging on technology.

collaborate! won an honourable mention in the Apollo 11 category, which is the highest tier in the Orbital project.

I worked on the frontend, using React + Redux with I also wrote the backend using Node.js with Koa, Passport.js, Pug,, and Redux.


ivle-sync ivle-sync is a command-line interface application written in Python, created to automatically download files, announcements, and webcasts from the National University of Singapore’s IVLE portal.


Billboard Billboard is a native android application developed in Kotlin. It aims to be a simple way to display text on your phone, with automatically resizing text.


AutoHotkey-Scripts A comprehensive collection of AutoHotkey scripts designed to solve the problem of window management in Windows.


Windawesome Windawesome is a highly customizable tiling/dynamic window manager with multi-monitor support for Windows.

I contributed a network monitor widget for the application.


Azurenaut Weekend 2017

Azurenaut Weekend 2017 For Azurenaut Weekend 2017, our team wrote a chrome extension which uses computer vision to automatically download images related to specific keywords while the user is browsing the web.

SIA App Challenge 2017

SIA App Challenge 2017 For SIA App Challenge 2017, our team developed a price tracking solution to help travellers decide the best time to purchase their flight tickets.

I designed the frontend using Bootstrap, jQuery, and D3.js.

MOE Buildathon 2017

MOE Buildathon 2017 For MOE Learning Buildathon 2017, our team made a vocab quiz aimed at teaching lower achieving secondary students vocabulary.

I designed and developed the backend architecture using Node.js, Express, Passport.js and MongoDB with Mongoose.

Hack&Roll 2017

Billboard For NUS Hacker’s Hack&Roll 2017, our team developed Cloudpaper., a webapp for collaborative document viewing designed for students to study together effectively.

I developed the backend using Koa, and the frontend using Materialize, PDF.js, and

FOSSASIA 2017 Mission Mars Challenge

Mission Mars I won 2nd place in Microsoft’s Mission Mars challenge at FOSSASIA 2017.


HTML5 Canvas Games

HTML5 Canvas Games An assorted collection of games implemented in pure JavaScript and CSS, optimized for Internet Explorer.

2D Platformer Game Engine

2D Platformer In 2014, I developed a fluid 2D platformer game engine using LÖVE2D.

Isometric Game Engine

Isometric Game Engine In 2012, I developed an isometric 2.5D game engine built off Pygame.

CS2D Tibia

CS2D Tibia CS2D Tibia is an overhaul game modification for the CS2D game. It aims to add multiplayer role-playing game features into the 2d top-down shooter.

It was designed with an extensible data-oriented game architecture, which resulted in many popular extensions off the original game modification.

It is the 2nd most liked script in the file archive (as of 12 September 2017).


OpenTibia In 2008, I was developed and released Lua scripts for the OpenTibia project in the forum, which was eventually shut down in 2012.